Friday, July 8, 2011

Frosted Designs Summer Blog Hop!

Welcome to Frosted Designs first Birthday Icecream on The Beach Blog hop!
You've made a long way, and I'm your last stop on the hop. I'm sure you enjoyed all the beautiful creations my DT's sisters made for this hop.
If you've made the hop from the beginging, you came here from Jessica's blog, and you're on the right place. If not, please stop by Frosted Designs, where the hop starts, or follow this order:

1. Barb
2. Diana
3. Lori
4. Andrea
7. Erin
8. Amanda
9. Lydia
10. Ann
11. Angela
13. Melissa
14. Karin
16. Jessica
17. Libbeti (<---- you're here!)

Here's the lo I've made for the hop and the challenge at Frosted Designs (which is a recipe: ribbon/trim, a charm, rhinestones/pearls:

Here's a close-up on the fan flower, with the little sea horse charm. I used the ribbon to make the 'leaves' for the flower:

Isn't it cute? 
And a close-up on the tiny blue rhinestones:

In order to have a chance to win the awesome grand prize, you should know that if I was to start scrapping from the beginging, with what I know now, the first tool I would buy would be actaually two tools that go together perfectly  - a good crafter's knife and a self-healing mat.

Now, you need to collect all the answsers from all the DT's on the hop, and mail all of them to Diana:

Remember! You can link your layout for the challenge till (central time) July 14th. If you take the hop, you should mail your answers to Diana by midnight (central time) July 11th.

Good luck and have a super duper summer!

בבלוג של Frosted Designs, בו אני אחת מצוות המעצבות, יש בלוג הופ ('מקפצת' בלוגים). לכבוד החגיגה הכנתי דף של קיץ, עם המתכון שהוא האתגר בבלוג עצמו: שימוש בסרט, צ'ארם ואבני חן/פנינים.
התמונה היא של בני הבכור, לפני 6 שנים.
כדי להשתתף בבלוג הופ, צריך לנדוד לפי הסדר בין הבלוגים השונים (הרשימה המסודרת מופיעה בבלוג של Frosted Designs, ולאסוף את השאלות והתשובות מכל חברות צוות המעצבות. כשיש בידיכן את כל התשובות - צריך לשלוח אותם במייל לדיאנה:



Angela said...

This is lovely libeeiti! Love the fan flower and gorgeous colorful photos too !!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

BEAUTIFUL! I Loveeeeeeeeee the rosette flower and the bling! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Karin said...

Beautiful and simple page. The little sea horse charm is lovely. I have to say if it weren't for the google translate i couldn't leave a comment LOL I was a little lost but I manage. LOL


Lori Apgar said...

Love this layout!!!
The little sea horse is so cute!
You do a great job including all the elements but you keep your layout clean and easy to look at!! So glad to be in this hop with you!!

Alma7 said...

דף מקסים, עדין ורגוע גם הוא.
אמרתילך שהמהפך הושלם! מוהאהאהא!
הכתום משתלב נהדר עם הכחול, והפרח הזה הוא משהו!

Andrea Fogleman said...

Wonderful layout! fun pictures too. Andrea DT

Elisabetta e Noemi said...

kisses from italy