Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Sunshine in My Life - Sketchabilities April 30th reveal

Edit: one of the Top 3 at Color Me Scrappy!
Thank you!

It's reveal day at Sketchabilities with sketch #114:
This is a bitter-sweet post, as it's my last layout as a designer at Sketchabilities. I had a lot of fun being on this DT, with the fab sketches by Karan, but the time has come to move on and to make room for new talented ladies.
The photo is of my youngest, when he was 16 months old. love his cute smile. :)))
Again I used my April counterfeit kit (I used reverse side of some of the pp).
My inspiration for the colors were from the beautiful palette at Color Me Scrappy #60. I saw it at Mary Bennetts' blog and loved her layout so much I had to participate too. You should pop over to Mary's blog, this lady is so so talented! anyway, here's CMS color palette:
I used a flair from StudioFourteen40 and some vellum embellishments from the store (flair - just be 11; vellum circles - everyday (dots) set 1 - soon will be available) . 
Here are a few close-ups on the details:


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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Adding touches to layouts - 2nd post as a Guest Designer at Die-namites

My 2nd post as a Guest Designer is up at Die-namites blog is up, and it's all about adding touches to layouts, using Die-namites dies.

You can see the post HERE.
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Monday, April 28, 2014

So Excited for You - Guest Designer at Die-namites blog

I was so fortunate to be invited to be a Guest Designer for Die-namites blog, and today my 1st post at the Die-namites blog is up.
I made a card using the Leafy Branch die, cutting a chipboard. I painted it with gesso and then usued TH distress inks to color it. Then I heat embossed it with blue embossing powder and added touches of gesso here and there.
I made the background in a mixed media style. I love the grungy look of the card!

I would like to enter it also to April IBS challenge:
My inspiration were both the flowers and the colors from the moodboard. I also used on of IBS's stamps on the background.
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

יום הזכרון לשואה Holocoust Day

אָבִינוּ מַלְכֵּנוּ אֵל אֱלֹהֵי הָרוּחוֹת לְכָל-בָּשָׂר.
 תֵּן מְנוּחָה נְכוֹנָה עַל-כַּנְפֵי הַשְּׁכִינָה בְּמַעֲלוֹת קְדוֹשִים וּטְהוֹרִים כְּזֹהַר הָרָקִיעַ מַזְהִירִים
 אֶת-נִשְׁמוֹתֵיהֶם שֶׁל שֵׁשׁ מֵאוֹת רִבְבוֹת אַלְפֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל אֲנָשִׁים וְנָשִׁים יְלָדִים וִילָדוֹת
 שֶׁנֶּהֶרְגוּ וְשֶׁנִּטְבְּחוּ וְשֶׁנֶּחְנְקוּ וְשֶׁנִּקְבְּרוּ חַיִּים בִּידֵי מִפְלְצוֹת הַצּוֹרְרִים בְּגָלוּת אֵירוֹפָה.
 כֻּלָּם קְדוֹשִׁים וּטְהוֹרִים. בָּהֶם גְּאוֹנִים וְצַדִּיקִים אַרְזֵי הַלְּבָנוֹן וְאַדִּירֵי הַתּוֹרָה.
בְּגַן עֵדֶן תְּהֵא מְנוּחָתָם. לָכֵן בַּעַל הָרַחֲמִים יִצְרֹר בִּצְרוֹר הַחַיִּים אֶת-נִשְׁמוֹתַם ה' הוּא נַחֲלָתָם.
 וּזְכֹר לָנוּ עֲקֵדָתָם וְתַעֲמֹד לָנוּ וּלְכָל יִשְׂרָאֵל זְכוּתָם.
אֶרֶץ אַל-תְּכַסִּי דָמָם וְאַל-יְהִי מָקוֹם לְזַעֲקָתָם.
 בִּזְכוּתָם נִדְחֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל יָשׁוּבוּ לַאֲחֻזָּתָם וְהַקְּדוֹשִׁים לְזִכָּרוֹן תָּמִיד נֶגֶד עֵינֶיךָ צִדְקָתָם.
 יָבוֹאוּ שָׁלוֹם יָנוּחוּ עַל-מִשְׁכְּבוֹתָם. וְנֹאמַר אָמֵן:

Today is Holocaust Day, our national remembrance day for the 6 million jews, amongst them 1.5 children, who were slaughtered by the Nazis and their accessories, during World War II.
We shall remember them and will never forget what the Nazis and their accessories did to our people.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Another Happy Announcment!

Fot my CSI DT reveal,
please click HERE!
Finally I can share with you another (very) happy announcment - I was invited to join the fab Design Team at Scrap Africa!! yehhh for me! 
Your can read about this happy announcement HERE.
Here are all the DT:
I'm a longtime fan of Scrap Africa, they have fab challenges and supper talented ladies on the team, and I'm looking forward joining them.
Ada Nicholls
Alexandra Polyzou 
Arantzazu Sangrador 
Asica Panewka 
Athanasia Papantoniou 
Denise van 
Erica Houghton-Jones 
Helen Wallace 
Julia Tsvetkova 
Libeeti Frenkel
Marina Gridasova
Marta Lapkowska
Tanya Palamarchuk
Valerie Thorpe
Thank you, Denise, for inviting me to the team!

Best Pals

Edit: Featured Artitst  April Week 3

This is my 1st lo as a CSI's detective, i.e. DT member at CSI and I'm so happy to be on the team!
If you still haven't heard about CSI, do your self a favour and pop over there, there's so much inspiration and talent over there, and it's such a friendly community. 
For my page I used a sketch from Let's Get Sketchy (April week #3). It's such a great sketch and I really enjoyed workig with it:
For my page I used my April Counterfeit kit, and I added some gorgeous products by StudioFourteen40 (flairs: brights set 2; brights set 6; just be-2; tab: get chalked - will be available soon).
My clues to solve the case were:
Shcheme: all 5 colors are here.
Evidence: stripes, mixed media backgorund, animal accents, wet medium (gesso and mist).
Testimony: I went to Suday Scribblings and chose #320 (May 19th 2012) - Always; I also used the inpiration work 'Pals' both for my title and for my journaling, which is on a hidden tag (pulled out with the black tab): "Yes, you fight a lot, much more than I think you should; Yes, you sometimes hurt each other, by words or by hitting. But above all, you are best pals, always. And that is (mostly) all I wish for you: together, forever & always.  love you, Mom, April 2014"
I woudl like to enter it also for the 'animal' challenge at Scrapki-wyzawaniowo, and the homemade flowers challenge at Berry71Bleu (I made all the 3-D flowers)
Here are some close-ups on the details:

Can't you just feel it's spring already here?
and I just love these tiny flowers I've made, and how well they go along with the StudioFourteen40's flair.
A shabby chic style flair from StudioFourteen40
Homemade flowers with StudioFourteen40's flair - 
a perfect match!

I really love these feathers I've made using
TCW mask. they're such a beutiful accent!
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Sunday, April 20, 2014

My Sweet Baby

Last week we were on our Passover holiday, and traveld a lot, so I didn't have the time to make a lo as a DT for the current case file at CSI, but I still loved the palette very much, so I decided to make a lo for this case file. I used my April counterfeit kit. I used some gorgeous chipboard by Wycinanka.
I used April's sketch from PageMaps:
How I solved the case? here are my clues:
Scheme - used all 5 colors.
Evidence - tags, frames, metal (the flair buttons), labels.
Testimony - hidden journaling on a tag, behind the pp on the left side, and it says: "On Passover 2006 you still didn't walk and when I put you on the blanket at the seaside, you started crawling all around. But when you reached the end of the blanket and touched the sand, you backed and returned to the safe boundaries of the blanket. Years after, we discovered that you have SPD and hence your recoiling from the sand. With time passing, you no longer withdraw from the sand, the opposite - you just love to play with the it and to dig in."
I would like to enter this lo also for the current challenge at Scrap Africa, which is 'distressing with a difference'. the twist is to use household items for the distressing. what a fun challenge!
 I used coffee to distress the edges of the background paper, and after it was dry, I slightly distressed it with a smoothing foot file :). I really loved this challenge, as it made me use techniques I no longer use, so big Thank You, Scrap Africa!
Here are a few close-ups on the details:

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Smile - April 15th sketch challenge at AFSC

Another awesome sketch by Anne is up on AFSC blog! here's the ske
The photo is of my eldest, when he was about 4 years old.
Again I used my April counterfeit kit, with some fab flairs from StudioFourteen40 (celebration/brights set 2; celebration/brights set 3thrift shop set 8;)
PP are My Mind's Eye and Crate Paper. I also used Maya Road's stamp and Sudio Calico's mask with modeling paste and Mr. Huey's mist. the flowers are homemade.
Here are some close-ups on the details:

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