Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wake Up Koala!

It's time for a new sketch at Sketchabilities:
I used my Jan Counterfeit Kit, with photos of a koala we met on the Australian Zoo. There's only one hour per day that the koala wakes up, walks from one side to the other, eats and then gets back to sleep. So we waited for the koala to wake up...
Here are close-ups on the details:

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I love you just the way you are

Edit: on the Watch List 
And one of the Top 5
at C'est Magnifique
I was carried away with the mixed media trend on this layout... I was very inspired by the very talented Georgia Heald's work. You should really pop over to her blog, its loaded with talent and inspiration.
This is my take on case file #107 at CSI:
My clues to solve the case were:
Scheme - all colors are there.
Evidence - flowers, heart(s), diamond shapes, splashes, wet medium (lots of wet medium...) mini brads, long title, stripes.
Testimony - my journaling is compliments to my youngest: "You are special and wonderful. joyful, energetic, with a wonderful emotional intensity; extremly funny, love to help. I love you so much, just the way you are." I was inspired by the IW 'Aweosome'.
I wanted my page to be vivid and energetic, just like my boy.
I used Jan sketch from C'est Magnifique:
Here are close-ups on the details:

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הפעם נסחפתי לגמרי עם סגנון המיקס מדיה, עם השפעה והשראה של Georgia Heald. גם שילוב הצבעים הזה לא שגרתי אצלי. נחמד לעיתים לצאת מהקופסא....
ההשראה באה מהאתגר השבועי ב-CSI, והשתמשתי בסקיצה של C'est Magnifique.
תודה שקפצתן לבקר בבלוג שלי וכמו תמיד אני שמחה לקרוא את תגובותיכן ומעריכה את ההשקעה בהן.

Sunday, January 26, 2014


I love challenges, as they make me think out of the box and go out of my comfort zone. I rarely scrap with black background, so the basic idea at Black With Two is very challenging for me. I really loved this month's challenge there, with the beautiful inspiration mood and the fab inspiration by the DT, so I decided to give it a try. Here's the moodboard:

I've just found a new (to me) challenge blog, Off the Rails Scrapbooking, and my lo just fits to their current challenge, which is 'paint, sprays, ink, etc.', I used gesso, mist, embossing ink and embossing powder to create the background.
For this layout I used my Jan Counterfeit Kit. The photos are of my youngest, floating in the sweeming pool on our vacation, about 1.5 Y ago.
Here are close-ups on the details:

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אני כמעט שלא משתמשת בקארדסטוק שחור כבסיס, אבל מצד שני אני מאד אוהבת אתגרים, הם מביאים אותי לחשוב 'מחוץ לקופסא' ולצאת מאזור הנוחות שלי. כזה הוא האתגר ב-Black With Two, שהעקרון הבסיסי בו הוא קארדסטוק שחור לבסיס, שני צבעים מוכתבים נוספים ועוד קריטריונים משתנים. אהבתי את השילוב של הצבעים בחודש הזה והשתמשתי בקיט החיקוי שלי לחודש ינואר.
תודה שקפצתן לבקר ואתן יותר ממוזמנות להשאיר תגובה......

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good Enough

Edit: on the 'Watch List' at CSI

This is my take on several fab challenges - CSI, OUAS and Mixed Media place, but first let me tell you that I was very inspired and encouraged to make this page by my bloogy friend Val Thorpe, on one of our chatting, so big thank you, Val :-).
My page is about what something we rarely speak about - Postnatal Depression... Yes, I've had it after I gave birth to my 2nd child. It was a very difficult period in my life, but I go over it. And it takes some courage, I think, to admit it and talk about it. I've learned so much at that period, and the most important lesson that was learnt is that good enough mother is really enough.
Here's the sketch from Once Upon A... Sketch, drawn by the talented Nadia Cannizzo:
The journaling creteria was: Lesson Learnt... and my jouranling, in Hebrew, says: 
"This is the story of what we don't speak about - postnatal depression. Till my second labor, I considered myself as a good mother, in fact I thought I was a very good mother. After I had my 2nd labor, I thought I was the worst mother on earth. Since then, each day I learn that perhaps I'm not the best mom in the world, but I am a good enough mom, and that is the best."
And this is how I solved the case:
Scheme - all 5 colors are there.
Evidence - ombre effect, arrows, grid design (kind of... the background under the photo was created by placing paper pieces in sort of a grid design), stripes, circles, white background.
Testimony - I used the inspiration words 'good' and 'be' (am..) for my title and for my jouranling (see above).

For this layout I used lots of scraps, mainly MME and EP. I also used lots of Prima's goodies. The photo frame was made with Spellbinders dies and the doily was made with Cheery Lynn's die.
Here are some close-ups on the details:

Thank you for taking the time and visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments very much.
דף שהכנתי בהשראה של כמה אתגרים. הג'ורנלינג מספר על מה שבד"כ לא מדברים עליו - דכאון שלאחר לידה. סבלתי ממנו לאחר הלידה השניה, ואחד השיעורים הגדולים שלמדתי אז הוא שגם אם אני לא האמא הכי טובה בעולם, אני אמא מספיק טובה, וזה טוב מאד.
תודה שקפצתן לבקר ותודה מיוחדת למי שטורחת וגם משאירה תגובה. אני מאד מעריכה את ההשקעה.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Escape from the daily routine

Edit: On the Watch List

Today I'd like to share with you my take on case file #105 at CSI, and for some other challenges.
Here's case file #105 at CSI, with the fab sketch drawn by the talented Em Stafrace:
Here's how I solved the case:
Sketch - checked (I skipped the banner between the title and the small photo, but otherwise kept very close to the sketch);
Scheme - all 5 colors are there;
Evidence - circles, stars, stitching;
Testimony - I used the inspiration work 'Escape' both for my title and for my journaling (on the hidden tag), which says: "Routine can be so tiring. day after day - work, household duties, taking care of the kids, same supper, same place, same things.
Sometimes I just want to break away, but it's so  hard to do. Instead, I put some groceries in a basket and off we go the sea side. Playing with the waves, building sandcastles, eating on the mat, having lots of fun. This is my kind of escape from the daily routine, my very needed escape."
I guess most of you, moms, can realate to my journlaing, isn't it? :)
I was also inspired by the moodboard at Scrap Around The World:
My first inspiration was the beach theme, and the sand on the right upper photo. I was also inspired by the bouquet in the basket on that photo and by the cluster of tea cups, layered one on top of the other.
Here are some close-ups on the details:

The flourish chipboards were painted with Portfolio oil pastels and then heat embossed with clear embossing powder. The small frame (Imaginarium designs) was also painted with Portfolio oil pastel and heat emobossed with honey embossing powder, the same as I used for the stars on the background.
I matted the photos with a recycled item - a package of Hebrew alphabet set, so it also goes for the recycling challenge at Scrap Africa, and since the matting is with polka dots pattern, it also goes for the polka dots challenge at Frosted Designs.
The flowers were made with Die-Namics dies. 
Thank you for taking the time and visiting my blog. Your comments are much appreciated.
דף חדש שנוצר בהשראה של כמה אתגרים, ומשלב הרבה טכניקות, הן בבניית הרקע והן בשימוש בצ'יפבורדים.
השתמשתי בצ'יפבורדים לבנים וצ'יפבורדים קראפט, שעברו טיפולים עם צבעי שמן ואבקות אמבוסינג. הפרחים נחתכו עם תבניות חיתוך של die-namics. הרקע עבר טיפול של מסיכות עם אבקת אמבוסינג, דיו דיסטרס, חותמות, מיסטים (ירוק ואפור). הכותרת הורכבה מטיקרס ומאותיות מקולקציה של Fancy Pants.
תודה שקפצתן לבקר וכמו תמיד אני שמחה לקרוא את תגובותיכן.

Friday, January 17, 2014

From a sketch to a layout - start to finish

I wanted to show you how I worked on Jan 15th sketch from Stuck?!, start to finish:
Here's the sketch:
This is how I've started:

 The creative process:

And voila! the finished page:
I hope you found interest in this post and I'd love to read your cooments.
Thank you for visiting my blog!
תיעדתי את השלבים בהכנת הדף שלי, מסקיצה לדף גמור. השלבים מראים את התוספות הקטנות שהופכות דף מ'פשוט' במראהו לדף עם עניין, תוך שילוב כמה עקרונות עיצוביים.
אשמח לקרוא את תגובותיכן!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

You & Me - Sketchabilties #107

This is my 2nd post today.
My post with the Jan 15th reveal at Stuck?! is HERE

A new sketch at Sketchabilities, and a fantastic one, as usual:
For this page, I used my Jan Counterfeit Kit. I really love my counterfeited pieces - the 'button sticker',  the wooden stars, the vellum arrows and the little blue star on the string. Here are some close-ups:

The layers under the photo are from Simple Stories 24/7 6X6 pad. The circle sticker for the title is from Echo Park 'Beautiful Life' collection. I also used some Studio Calico's heart wood veneer.
We'd love to see your takes on this fab sketch :-).
Thanks for stopping by!
סקיצה חדשה ונהדרת ב-Sketchabilities, והשתמשתי בקיט החיקוי של חודש ינואר כדי להכין את הדף.
אני אוהבת את הקישוטונים שהכנתי בעצמי - כוכבי 'עץ', חיצים של וולום, 'סטיקר של כפתור' והכוכב המנצנץ על חוט מתכת.
נשמח לראות את הפרשנויות שלכן לסקיצה הנהדרת הזאת.
תודה שקפצתן לבקר :-).