Friday, June 23, 2017

Family! that's the whole story - CSI case file no. 231

After a very long period of absence, it is so good to join again with CSI! Love, love, love the case files and the ton of inspiration by the DT and the special investigators.

The clues I used to solve this case were:
Scheme - I've used all 5 colors
Evidence - solid white cardstock, stripes, twine, panctuation marks, stars, hearts.
Testimony - my journaling tells what was (and still is) my source of power, which helped me go through when my boy was diagnosed with cancer and got the chymotherapy.
This is what I wrote: "The family support, the legacy we inherited from our parents, these are the things that helped us to deal with your cancer disease. The way they stood by us, the love and comfort they gave me, were the source of my power to go through that rough period we had."

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