Saturday, May 5, 2012

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop for NSD plus a RAK

Welcome to Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog hop for NSD!
If you came here from Julie Ann's blog, then you're on the right track. If you came here directly and  you want to  hop all the way, please start at CKC blog.
Did you enjoyed the hop till now? The CKC really outdid themselves with the challenges for this hop. 
My challenge for you, should you take it, is 'Stamp It!', i.e. use stamps on your layout, at least 3 different stamps. You DO NOT need to use your counterfeit kit for this challenge, unless you wish to.
Edit (after reading Lisa's comment):
If you rarely use stamps on your lo, and you're a little afraid to destroy the whole lo, how about stamping on a separate cs and then adhere it to your lo?
If you have very few stamps, how about using digi stamps? print them, color them, add them to your lo. There are many freebies on the web.
Come on, give it a try!
Here's my example for this challenge:
I used 4 different stamps, or should I say 3 different stamps and one 'homemade' stamp: on the right upper corner; on the lower right side of the photo, just above the flower; the journaling tag was stamped and cut (here's my tutorial how I've made the kraft tags); I also stamped with bubble wrap, under the photo and the flower. Here are some close-ups:

I will choose (randomly) one person to win a scrappy RAK from me (I will ship anywhere).
In order to have a chance to win my RAK, you need to do the following:
1. Become a follower of my blog (if you aren't already).
2. Complete a layout according to my challenge.
3. Link your post to CKC blog, on this post, and then  leave me a comment telling me that you're a follower, with a link to your blog post with your layout for my challenge, until Friday May 11th 00:01 EST the end of May.
Edit: I know some of you had problems leaving me comments, because of the Hebrew writing. Well, the place to leave the comments is on the RIGHT side of the PENCIL icon, at the end of the post. I hope it'll make it easier for  you to leave me a comment. I'd love to know that you've been here :).
Easy peasy, right?
I will draw a winner at the begining of June.
Now, please hop to the Lisa's blog. This talented lady prepared a great challenge for you...
If you get lost with the hop, here's the list of blogs by their order:

Libeeti  (<--------- You're here!)

Please come back tomorrow, for CKC reveal of May counterfeit kit. I can tell you the ihspiration kits are awesome and I love the counterfeit kit I've made. Here's a sneak peek to the kit:
Thank you so much for taking the time and visiting my blog. I wish you a very crafty NSD weekend.

The winner of my challenge is the talented Lisa, with this beautiful layout.
Well done, Lisa!

בבלוג של Counterfeit Kit Challenge, בו אני חלק מצוות המעצבות, מתחיל בלוג הופ (= מקפצת בלוגים) לכבוד יום הסקראפבוקינג (NSD). במסגרת הבלוג הופ, חברות הצוות הכינו כל אחת אתגר אחר. אתן מוזמנות לדלג בין הבלוגים ולהתרשם מהעבודות והאתגרים.
גם אני מעלה אתגר, קליל ופשוט - להחתים בדף המעוצב שאתן מכינות - לפחות 3 החתמות. בדף שהכנתי לדוגמא לאתגר הזה, השתמשתי ב-4 החתמות שונות: בפינה הימנית העליונה; בצד הימני התחתון של התמונה - גם חותמת סיליקון וגם החתמה עם ניילון פצפצים; התגית עם התאריך הוחתמה ונגזרה (הדרכה להכנת התגיות הללו - כאן).
אני גם אתן פרס למשתתפת אקראית, וכדי להיכנס להגרלה צריך:
1. להרשם כמנוי לבלוג שלי (אם אתן עדיין לא מנויות);
2. ליצור דף מעוצב לפי האתגר שלי.
3. להשאיר לי תגובה שנרשמתן כמנויות לבלוג, עם קישור לפוסט שלכן בו העליתן את הדף שהכנתן לאתגר שלי, עד ליום שישי, 11.5, בשעה 10:00 סוף חודש מאי.
אני אגריל זוכה אחת בתחילת חודש יוני.

אתן מוזמנות לשוב לכאן מחר, כשאעלה את קיט החיקוי שלי לחודש מאי. הקיטים של ההשראה יפים מאד, ואני מאד אוהבת את קיט החיקוי שהכנתי. התמונה האחרונה למעלה היא הצצה לחלק מהקיט שלי.
תודה שבאתן לבקר אותי בבלוג ושיהיה סופ"ש נפלא, מלא ביצירה!


Crystal said...

Great job hon!

Lisa said...

I have a small selection of stamps but an not so very talented at using them and am always afraid to mess up right in the middle of my layout! I'll have to try and get over this to join in on your challenge. And I have used bubble wrap before but always forget so thanks for the reminder!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Just gorgeous!! I loveeeeeee that photo and the colors... and the masking too!!!!

June Houck said...

Your work is always stunning and gorgeous. This LO is amazing!

ms.schwiet said...

I need to use stamps more thanks for encouraging me!

Clair said...

I love using stamps on my layouts - so hopefully this won't actually be TOO challenging

Love your kit as well

KindleLover said...

I used lots of alphabet stamps here:

Lisa said...

Guess I will need to find a way to join in now :-)
thanks for the alternative suggestion - will give it a go!

Susanne said...

Great challenge - stamping is something that I definitely want to incoporate into my pages more.

Jimjams said...

Love your pages - the stamping straight onto the background is beautiful!

Lisa said...

Hi there. Well I have to say that ItS an adventure every time I visit to find the comments :-) I actually can't see a pencil icon. But anyway, I found it :-)
I joined in on your challenge here (mmm can't get it to post. But it's on my blog. Will have o comment again from the computer. ) however I see now that I failed to fulfill your criteria. I did actually stamp three different images (promise) but only used two of them on my layout. Whoops. Do I still count??? Now to find the follower button... I'll come ack later and moment again.

Lisa said...

Ok, I'm hoping that you got my first (badly typed) comment and now I'm back with another - here is the link to my post for your challenge although I do appreciate that all three stamps were not used on the layout!
But honest, girl guide promise, I did stamp using three different designs of those leaves!

karindi said...

אני מאוד שמחה שהארכת את זמן האתגר, ככה אולי אולי גם אני עוד אספיק...