Friday, September 24, 2010

Amy's Flashback Friday Challenge

My bloggy friend, Amy, started her won challenge. It's scrappy flashbacking, and it's great!
And look at that fancy blinkie she got!

On the current challenge, it was Rose's turn to choose the challenge, and she asked us to put our very first challenge card.
This is my first one, I've made it for ~only~ 4 challenges... LOL here is my post (which was my very first post. I never blogged before)
What has remained? Layers, flowers, my love for BG.
What has changed? Almost everything else... LOL tools, distressing, taking photos, vintage style...

Now, it's your turn to show your very first challenge card...

Thank you, Amy, for a fun challenge (as if anything with you is else but fun... LOL)


~amy~ said...

woot woot!!!!!! Thanks so much for playing along! I love your card...the colors, the textures....haha 'only' 4 challenges?!!! I pat myself on the back if I can manage 2!!!!!! Guess what? I got mr. linky to work so whenever you have time can you linky your card?

Thanks sooooooo much for playing along!!!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this!!! LOVING the flowers and those yummy fall colors! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Rose said...

LOVE this card girl!! What??!! only 4 challenges!! LOL well you were just starting out :) thanks for playing along on Amy's FBF!!!

Melissa Craig said...

Your layout is really beautiful. The flowers are gorgeous! I also really like the envelope tucked behind the photo. I love the idea that you've left your son a love letter to read later in his life. Thanks for joining us at Tuesday Morning Sketches.

אילנית said...

אוח-איזה כרטיס מקסים- אהבתי את הגוונים שלו- עזים ומעוררים.

מאיפה את קונה את הפרחים המדהימים שלך???

אני עכשיו רוצה קצת להסב את תשומת ליבך על משהו.

הכרטיס מדהים- אבל למה הרקע מאחור כזה???
בנוסף אני תמיד רואה שאת מצלמת על הרצפה- בבקשה תיגמלי מזה- אני לאחרונה קניתי קרטון ביצוע אני שמה עליו את כל העבודות ומצלמת מלמעלה ככה רואים את זה מדהים- ואם אני רוצה לשים משהו שהוא כן עומד אז הקרטון ביצוע מספיק ארוך שהוא יכול מעט להתעגל.

תנסי ותראי עד כמה זה יוצא מדהים.