Saturday, October 19, 2019

A folder with a wing for a man

A very good friend of mine celebrated his birthday, and I've made him a folder with a wing.
I've made the folder from start to finish, with chipboards for the basis, wrapped with black efalin paper (I prefer wrapping with efalin paper, rather than with cardstock, as the cs tend to break along the edges and the spine, while the efalin paper does not).
I use my October Counterfeit kit for this folder, and it's already my 5th project, using my kit, and the 6th is almost done!
The folder measures 8.5"X6.25", in side it has an accordion envelope and a pen holder. I also put inside a notebook pad, which can be replaced, as there's a bellyband to hold it's back in place.
Here're some close-ups:

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