Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Good Enough

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This is my take on several fab challenges - CSI, OUAS and Mixed Media place, but first let me tell you that I was very inspired and encouraged to make this page by my bloogy friend Val Thorpe, on one of our chatting, so big thank you, Val :-).
My page is about what something we rarely speak about - Postnatal Depression... Yes, I've had it after I gave birth to my 2nd child. It was a very difficult period in my life, but I go over it. And it takes some courage, I think, to admit it and talk about it. I've learned so much at that period, and the most important lesson that was learnt is that good enough mother is really enough.
Here's the sketch from Once Upon A... Sketch, drawn by the talented Nadia Cannizzo:
The journaling creteria was: Lesson Learnt... and my jouranling, in Hebrew, says: 
"This is the story of what we don't speak about - postnatal depression. Till my second labor, I considered myself as a good mother, in fact I thought I was a very good mother. After I had my 2nd labor, I thought I was the worst mother on earth. Since then, each day I learn that perhaps I'm not the best mom in the world, but I am a good enough mom, and that is the best."
And this is how I solved the case:
Scheme - all 5 colors are there.
Evidence - ombre effect, arrows, grid design (kind of... the background under the photo was created by placing paper pieces in sort of a grid design), stripes, circles, white background.
Testimony - I used the inspiration words 'good' and 'be' (am..) for my title and for my jouranling (see above).

For this layout I used lots of scraps, mainly MME and EP. I also used lots of Prima's goodies. The photo frame was made with Spellbinders dies and the doily was made with Cheery Lynn's die.
Here are some close-ups on the details:

Thank you for taking the time and visiting my blog. I appreciate your comments very much.
דף שהכנתי בהשראה של כמה אתגרים. הג'ורנלינג מספר על מה שבד"כ לא מדברים עליו - דכאון שלאחר לידה. סבלתי ממנו לאחר הלידה השניה, ואחד השיעורים הגדולים שלמדתי אז הוא שגם אם אני לא האמא הכי טובה בעולם, אני אמא מספיק טובה, וזה טוב מאד.
תודה שקפצתן לבקר ותודה מיוחדת למי שטורחת וגם משאירה תגובה. אני מאד מעריכה את ההשקעה.


רותי צחורי said...

מהמעט שהספקתי להכיר דרך יצירותייך, את אמא מקסימה שמתעדת את כל הטיולים והרגעים הקסומים, החל מהקטנים ועד למשמעותיים יותר עם ילדיה. דף נהדר מלא עומק ומשמעות. אהבתי מאוד!!! וללא ספק עוד זיכרון נהדר.

Lizzy Hill said...

Fabulous, Libeeti!! I'm so glad Val has encouraged you - wonderful page & your lesson learnt is very special - ur right, not many peeps talk about post natal depression... Good on you- & of course, thanks for joining us at Once Upon A Sketch:):) don't forget to link up to our FB page for the chance of another prize over there!!!!

Lynette said...

Your page is beautiful...and I do believe that it was good therapy to scrap this difficult time in your life.

Visit me at

Helen Wallace said...

Bravo for speaking of an often hidden many Mothers are afflicted with this when they are most are absolutely right, "Good enough is the best" Love the papers you used :D

Stacey Young said...

This is such a fun, colourful page!!! Ohhh, loving the little bit of cheesecloth in there, well done, fantastic page......thanks for playing along at OUAS this month :)

Val Thorpe said...

Thank you Libeeti. You are an amazing woman and I value our friendship. I am so glad that you are speaking out on Postnatal Depression it really bothers me that people feel that they need to keep quiet about it... You are a wonderful mother and if you are the best mother that you can be you are the best mother. I love that even though the topic is serious that you have created a beautiful bright happy layout. I think that it is wonderful that you are playing along with us at OUAS too... Thank you xox

Sandy Ross said...

Beautiful layout! I love your cluster of embellishments! Good for you to share your story! We all doubt ourselves at times...... especially in motherhood! Good Job!

Nicole said...

Very beautiful layout , love colors and all details!!!!!

מושית10 said...

עיצוב עדין ביותר,הצבעים משרים אווירה נעימה ושמחה. ומה שכתבת - מרגש עד מאד!

Mitra Pratt said...

Kudos to you for speaking up about this! Mothering isn't easy most days and even harder when things aren't quite right. Great job on your page!