Sunday, November 29, 2009

Let's face it - we're having a blue indigo simple fun!

A quick post, to end the day and the week:
Pam from 365 cards asked: "have you ever thought about making a face out of the elements you place on your card?"
Well, I never thought about it. and this is such a big question, so I got some help from my kids... LOL (Rose, I don't know what about Pam's kids, but mine are sure happy with this something Pam gets into her coffee...). so we have here 3 faces
that the kids and me made :)
(Gloria & Rose: did you see that the hair goes out of the lines just a little bit?.. LOL(
With making this card I actually finished the 365 card week (ok, ok,so I cheated a bit, with two cards... Gloria, please stand up for me!). I had some law mojo the past few days, and with the kids around, full time job and the housekeeping, I didn't have enough time to craft. shame on me... I was so tempted to combine all this week challenges into one card... after all I'm preety good in combining a lot of challenges into one card (still waiting to IritShalom's announcement on her Royal challenge winner), but didn't do so.
So what challenges have we got here?
1. face it - #270 365 cards
2. color: I for (blue) indigo - abc challenges
3. chipboard (where the sentiment is) - artful inkables
4. another chipboard - #79 creative belli
5. rub on + another challenges - #25 pile it on (the sentiment)
6. same shape different size (circles for the head and for the eyes and mouth) - frosted designs.
7. clean and simple and limited layers - whimsical ind soronity.
8. kiss - simple - pals paper arts
9. monochromatic - #41 oh-la-la
10. monocrhromatic - #31 gingersnap
11. monochromatic - humble pie
12. anyting goes - #19 paper cutz
13. punch happy (and we all were very happy with the punches!) - #13 punch happy.
14. my fav - creative card crew (rub ons, punches, cheepboard, and more than anything - my kids! they're the real fav I 've ever got...
15. Northern Lights II wide cuff from - etsyinspired
Well, thats it. have to clean up and get ready for the new day and week.
thanks for your looking at and leaving comments.


Ceal said...

fun card! thanks for playing in the Belli challenge

jdmommy - Anne Harmon said...

What a happy card! Join us in the Belli Challenge again!!

Joy said...

thanks for playing the AI challenge! great entry!

Steph Zerbe said...

too funny! and how fun!

Helen said...

Fun card!
Thanks for joining us at the ABC Challenge!
Helen x