Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge is back!!!

Did you know that Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge is back? well, it is! and how awesome is that.
I was so happy to see that Anne decided to make it alive again and was very thrilled when I was invited to re-join the team.
Take a look at the AFSC DT annauncement HERE.
Join us at AFSC blog on Feb 15th with our newest sketch challenge.
הבלוג של Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge חוזר לפעילות ואני הוזמנתי לשוב ולהצטרף לצוות המעצבות.
אתן מוזמנות לקפוץ ב-15.2, כשיעלה אתגר הסקיצה החדש שלנו.


Eshktana said...

את לא נחה לרגע, הא? אולי סוף סוף אצטרף לאתגר ואחזור לדפים.

Val-Belle said...

Another one gone :(... I am glad they are back I have made a note to play along... See you there ;) x