Friday, March 19, 2010

I got an Award!

Trish, from Simple Doodles, gave me this award.
Thank you, Trish, for giving me this award. It's such a fun working with you and the other talented ladies on the DT.
The rules are that I need to pick 10 blogs that inspire me. Well, I hope it's okay to give back... being on the DT on simple doodles does inspire me. sometimes it makes me create things otherwise I wouldn't do (did I tell you I just didn't like paper piecing? LOL Trish made me do it last challenge, and what do you know? it didn't bite me... LOL)
so here are my 10 inspiring blogs:
365cards (Pam with her unique challenges and all the DT's creations)
Crafty fairy - crafty fairy (I can only be sorry for all english readers, that she writes only in Hebrew. she gives tutorials and detailed explanation on her work than inspire you immediatly)

Thank you all, ladies, I enjoy looking at your blogs and learning from you. you inspire me a lot.

And now for the rules:

1.Comment on this blog

2. Cut and paste the award and use it on your blog.

3. Nominate 10 blogs that encourage or inspire you.

4. Link them to your page.

5.Comment on their blogs so they know they have received the award.

6. Link back to the person who gave you this award so they know you received it.


Einat's Art World said...

אני עונה לך על השאלה ששאלת אותי לגבי הכיתוב בעברית זוהי חותמת שקניתי במרס
יש להם חותמות כיתובים בעברית. את יכולה להכנס לאתר שלהם מרס עיצובים.
והלוואי והיה לי כזה כתב יפה.

פיית מרציפן said...

וואו, תודה.
איזו מחמאה ענקית .
אני תמיד מתלבטת באיזה בלוג לכתוב.
בתפוז או בבלוגר שם כתבתי גם באנגלית..

~amy~ said...

thanks sooooo much for thinking of me!!!!!

Rose said...

thanks so much for thinking of me, i will add it to the slide show on my blog with all the others.