Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Home - Corona Virus Days - CSI case file no. 315

A new case file at CSI, with a warm and cheerful inapiration photo:
I wanted to scrap the 'here & now' - what is going around us with the Corona Virus.
I didn't use any photo this time, and instead I used this 'HOME' chipboard - where we all ought to stay, to protect ourselves.
I used all 5 colors from the scheme.
As for the eveidence - I used stripes, hexagons, birds, buttons, potted plants, stitching (faux), something puzzy and fabric (both in the felt hearts).
I used the 3 arrows to give some movement, and the dew drops to give some airy feeling.
I documented what is going on with us, since February till today, so it's kind of 'something that happens at home'... I wrote it on some of the hexagons.
Here're some close-ups:

Thank you for visiting my blog. Stay home and stay safe.

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