Friday, June 3, 2022

A traveler's notebook with pockets, inserts and tags


It looks as if the sky are really open, so traveling around the world is comming back!

For a near weekend vacation I will be traveling abroad, I made myself this travellers notebook, with cheerfol and colorful pp, stamps and stickers.

The basis for this notebook is a tyvek envelope a friend gave me. I cut and folded it to create pockets on each page, and also two more pockets on the pages.

I stitched the pages to the cover.

There are four pages, each has a pocket on top. I made inserets for each pocket, with a small tab to pull out. I used some of the cut appart journaling tags, either adhering them on the busy pp, or tacking in the small pockets.

I also made an envelope, so I can hold some stickers and handmade embellishments inside, to use while travelling. It will also be used to keep memorabilia from the journey.

There are inserets to write important information, like flights schedule, places I want to visit and opening times. Other inserest are for journaling while traveling. 

It can easily become a mini album, as there's enough room to place photos.

I tied a baker's twine to the middle of the spine, using the stitches, and the twine is wrapping the notebook all around  to hold it close.

Now I'm all set up for the journey!

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