Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A box for greeting cards

My sister asked me to make her 2 wedding cards, and I thought 'why not making her cards, AND a box to host the greeting cards with their envelopes?'...
I used Mintay Papers from my October Counterfeit Kit.
I used Yael Youtzis' tutorial, which you can find HERE (it's the 2nd box).
The black basis is from a very heavy cardstock, so it's very steady.
I've kept it very clean and simple and hope to fill her box with many more greeting cards.
Thank you for visiting my blog.


Maud's Creations said...

Love this box , and your cards, wish the directions , measurments where in English, it kooks so easy to make, will have to do a search. I love, love your inspirational work with these beautiful papets

Lisa said...

You are so talented! This is just gorgeous.