Monday, September 23, 2019

A desktop calendar board


sing my September Counterfeit Kit for a gift project - a desktop calendar board, with a pocket for all the months, plus some inspiration notes, and a large photo mat.
I also attached a birthday card.
I used a great tutorial for making the board with the pocket, which you can find HERE (it's in Hebrew, but with the photos I believe you can figure out what need to be done).
I've made my own interpretation for this board - I didn't use a magnetic sheet, as I wanted it to stand on the desk, so I've made a supportive board on the back, to hold the board steady (but forgot to take a photo of the back side...). I also added metal corners.
In the pocket there are 6 cards with the months, one on each side. There's also an envelope to hold all the small inspiration notes.
It's a perfect gift for the begining of the year and I will give it to a good friend who works with me.

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Lisa said...

Libeeti! You are so talented. This is so gorgeous! Your friend is a lucky person and I'm sure she will be overjoyed to receive this,.