Tuesday, November 9, 2010

לכסות טפח ולגלות טפחיים Hide the undesired

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כשהסתכלתי בדפים שהכנתי לאחרונה, ראיתי שחוזר בהם מאפיין די בולט - שימוש בטכניקות שונות כדי להסתיר חלקים לא רצויים/מיותרים בתמונה.  רציתי לשתף אתכן בשלוש טכניקות: קריעה, קירצוף וצביעה, והדבקת תמונה אחרת או קישוט שמסתיר.
אם הפוסט הזה יעורר אצלכן השראה או רעיונות נוספים, אני אשמח מאד אם תשאירו תגובה בפוסט, עם לינק לבלוג שלכן, שאוכל לקפוץ ולראות את האופן שבו אתן מסתירות את החלקים הבלתי רצויים בתמונות.

When I looked at some of the layouts I made lately, I noticed that there's something in common for all of them - I used different techniques to hide undesired parts of the photos.
I wanted to share with you those techniques.

The first one - tearing
This is the original photo: 
I didn't like all the dark area on the left upper portion of the photo, so I just tore it... And this is how it looks on the lo:

Naturally, tearing works great with vintage/shabby look, like on this lo.

The second one - scrub & paint

This is the original photo:

You see the completely strangers on both sides of the photo? I didn't want them to be part of my intimate family lo, so I just scrubbed them and then painted with white acrylic paint over them. Then I put flowers on one side and stamped journaling blocks on the other side.

Here are those parts on the lo:

And this is how the finished lo looks:

The third one - attach an image/embellishment  or another photo. For this one I want to show you two examples:
This is the original photo:

I didn't want the bunch of people on the background and the black bag on the front - to show on my lo, so on the undesired bunch I put another small photo, and on the bag - a journaling spot (a chipboard). This is the relevant part:

And this is the finished lo:

See how those undesired parts just disappeared?

and the second example-

here is the original photo:

Eventhough I cropped the photo to my desired size, I still had a lot of 'white space', which I didn't like, so I attached the mushroom image, paper pieced, to fill in that 'white space'.

This is the relevant part of the lo:

And this is the finished lo:

I hope you find my post useful for you, and if so - please leave me a comment on this post, with a link  to your blog. I'd love to see your interpretation and way to hide those undesired parts of your photos.

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Barb Craft said...

You are the queen of altering photos to make them work on your LOs!! Thanks for all the tips!! I will certainly put them to use!!!
barb :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee these!!!! I am loving how you 'hide' things on the photos! I use embellies on mine.. I have never been a 'good' paper tearer... always seem to do too much! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

TesaB said...

Ohhh love your analysis of your own layouts, great technique- You know all your work is amazing!!!