Sunday, January 3, 2010

An every purpose CAS card

For today, Pam asked us to stamp............. a ribbon!
looking at the chat box on 365 cards shoed me I'm not the only one having hard time with this challenge...
I really tried, I just don't have the proper tools/materials. all my ink is pigment and it just smeared all over the ribbon and I'm not going to bring you some smeared ribbon here!
so I took 'pre-stamped' ribbon. and no, this is no cheating. one might say this is a rebel!
But something good came out of it, actually 3 good things: first, once again I was digging in my forgotten stash. second, it took me 15 minutes to make this card (the bow is a faux one... this way you can save a little... LOL), and third - now I have an every purpose card (Pam, I can also use this card to your next "keep it to yourself" challenge... any theme inside the card is good... LOL).
now the only problem left to deal with is this 5 to 5 challenge...

stampin' Saturday - day 308 at 365 cards

clean & simple - our creative corner; gingersnap


Rose said...

what a rebel you are girl!! lol i still have the 5 of 5 and this ribbon challenge to make *ugh!*

Gloria Stengel said...

If you did not say so, I'd have totally bought that you stamped this ribbon yourself! Love it. Aren't those pearls to die for?! I just bought about 6 packages of them at the craft store. woot woot.

Pam said...

Lol - libeeti, you're too funny...I still like your pre-stamped ribbon!